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sublicensing verb, pres_part
sublicense verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
sublicense verb, infinitive
sublicenses verb, pres(thr_sing)
sublicensed verb, past
sublicensed verb, past_part
subscoring verb, pres_part
subscore verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
subscore verb, infinitive
subscores verb, pres(thr_sing)
subscored verb, past
subscored verb, past_part
supercompress verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
super-compress verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
supercompress verb, infinitive
super-compress verb, infinitive
supercompressing verb, pres_part
super-compressing verb, pres_part
supercompresses verb, pres(thr_sing)
super-compresses verb, pres(thr_sing)
supercompressed verb, past
super-compressed verb, past
supercompressed verb, past_part
super-compressed verb, past_part
superextend verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
super-extend verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
super extend verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
superextend verb, infinitive
super-extend verb, infinitive
super extend verb, infinitive
superextends verb, pres(thr_sing)
super-extends verb, pres(thr_sing)
super extends verb, pres(thr_sing)
superextending verb, pres_part
super-extending verb, pres_part
super extending verb, pres_part
superextended verb, past
super-extended verb, past
super extended verb, past
superextended verb, past_part
super-extended verb, past_part
super extended verb, past_part
superimpress verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
superimpress verb, infinitive
superimpressing verb, pres_part
superimpresses verb, pres(thr_sing)
superimpressed verb, past
superimpressed verb, past_part
superinhibit verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
superinhibit verb, infinitive
superinhibits verb, pres(thr_sing)
superinhibiting verb, pres_part
superinhibited verb, past
superinhibited verb, past_part
superpurify verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
super-purify verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
super purify verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
superpurify verb, infinitive
super-purify verb, infinitive
super purify verb, infinitive
superpurifying verb, pres_part
super-purifying verb, pres_part
super purifying verb, pres_part
superpurifies verb, pres(thr_sing)
super-purifies verb, pres(thr_sing)
super purifies verb, pres(thr_sing)
superpurified verb, past
super-purified verb, past
super purified verb, past
superpurified verb, past_part
super-purified verb, past_part
super purified verb, past_part
supersonicating verb, pres_part
super-sonicating verb, pres_part
supersonicate verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
super-sonicate verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
supersonicate verb, infinitive
super-sonicate verb, infinitive
supersonicates verb, pres(thr_sing)
super-sonicates verb, pres(thr_sing)
supersonicated verb, past
super-sonicated verb, past
supersonicated verb, past_part
super-sonicated verb, past_part
superspecializing verb, pres_part
super-specializing verb, pres_part
superspecialize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
super-specialize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
superspecialize verb, infinitive
super-specialize verb, infinitive
superspecializes verb, pres(thr_sing)
super-specializes verb, pres(thr_sing)
superspecialized verb, past
super-specialized verb, past
superspecialized verb, past_part
super-specialized verb, past_part
superspecialising verb, pres_part
super-specialising verb, pres_part
superspecialise verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
super-specialise verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
superspecialise verb, infinitive
super-specialise verb, infinitive
superspecialises verb, pres(thr_sing)
super-specialises verb, pres(thr_sing)
superspecialised verb, past
super-specialised verb, past
superspecialised verb, past_part
super-specialised verb, past_part
supersuppress verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
super-suppress verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
supersuppress verb, infinitive
super-suppress verb, infinitive
supersuppressing verb, pres_part
super-suppressing verb, pres_part
supersuppresses verb, pres(thr_sing)
super-suppresses verb, pres(thr_sing)
supersuppressed verb, past
super-suppressed verb, past
supersuppressed verb, past_part
super-suppressed verb, past_part
suprasaturating verb, pres_part
supra-saturating verb, pres_part
suprasaturate verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
supra-saturate verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
suprasaturate verb, infinitive
supra-saturate verb, infinitive
suprasaturates verb, pres(thr_sing)
supra-saturates verb, pres(thr_sing)
suprasaturated verb, past
supra-saturated verb, past
suprasaturated verb, past_part
supra-saturated verb, past_part
unbias verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
unbias verb, infinitive
unbiasing verb, pres_part
unbiases verb, pres(thr_sing)
unbiased verb, past
unbiased verb, past_part
unduplicating verb, pres_part
unduplicate verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
unduplicate verb, infinitive
unduplicates verb, pres(thr_sing)
unduplicated verb, past
unduplicated verb, past_part
prespread verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-spread verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
prespread verb, past
pre-spread verb, past
prespread verb, past_part
pre-spread verb, past_part
prespread verb, infinitive
pre-spread verb, infinitive
prespreads verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-spreads verb, pres(thr_sing)
prespreading verb, pres_part
pre-spreading verb, pres_part
unswollen verb, past_part
unswell verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
unswell verb, infinitive
unswells verb, pres(thr_sing)
unswelling verb, pres_part
unswelled verb, past
unswelled verb, past_part
untrap verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
un-trap verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
untrap verb, infinitive
un-trap verb, infinitive
untraps verb, pres(thr_sing)
un-traps verb, pres(thr_sing)
untrapping verb, pres_part
un-trapping verb, pres_part
untrapped verb, past
un-trapped verb, past
untrapped verb, past_part
un-trapped verb, past_part
extrasynthesizing verb, pres_part
extrasynthesize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
extrasynthesize verb, infinitive
extrasynthesizes verb, pres(thr_sing)
extrasynthesized verb, past_part
extrasynthesized verb, past
extrasynthesising verb, pres_part
extrasynthesise verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
extrasynthesise verb, infinitive
extrasynthesises verb, pres(thr_sing)
extrasynthesised verb, past_part
extrasynthesised verb, past
interciting verb, pres_part
inter-citing verb, pres_part
intercite verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
inter-cite verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
intercite verb, infinitive
inter-cite verb, infinitive
intercites verb, pres(thr_sing)
inter-cites verb, pres(thr_sing)
intercited verb, past_part
inter-cited verb, past_part
intercited verb, past
inter-cited verb, past
interplacing verb, pres_part
inter-placing verb, pres_part
interplace verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
inter-place verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
interplace verb, infinitive
inter-place verb, infinitive
interplaces verb, pres(thr_sing)
inter-places verb, pres(thr_sing)
interplaced verb, past_part
inter-placed verb, past_part
interplaced verb, past
inter-placed verb, past
interwork verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
inter-work verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
interwork verb, infinitive
inter-work verb, infinitive
interworks verb, pres(thr_sing)
inter-works verb, pres(thr_sing)
interworking verb, pres_part
inter-working verb, pres_part
interworked verb, past_part
inter-worked verb, past_part
interworked verb, past
inter-worked verb, past
postcharging verb, pres_part
postcharge verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
postcharge verb, infinitive
postcharges verb, pres(thr_sing)
postcharged verb, past
postcharged verb, past_part
postfill verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
post-fill verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
postfill verb, infinitive
post-fill verb, infinitive
postfills verb, pres(thr_sing)
post-fills verb, pres(thr_sing)
postfilling verb, pres_part
post-filling verb, pres_part
postfilled verb, past
post-filled verb, past
postfilled verb, past_part
post-filled verb, past_part
postmodernizing verb, pres_part
post-modernizing verb, pres_part
postmodernize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
post-modernize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
postmodernize verb, infinitive
post-modernize verb, infinitive
postmodernizes verb, pres(thr_sing)
post-modernizes verb, pres(thr_sing)
postmodernized verb, past
post-modernized verb, past
postmodernized verb, past_part
post-modernized verb, past_part
postmodernising verb, pres_part
post-modernising verb, pres_part
postmodernise verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
post-modernise verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
postmodernise verb, infinitive
post-modernise verb, infinitive
postmodernises verb, pres(thr_sing)
post-modernises verb, pres(thr_sing)
postmodernised verb, past
post-modernised verb, past
postmodernised verb, past_part
post-modernised verb, past_part
preaccumulating verb, pres_part
pre-accumulating verb, pres_part
preaccumulate verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-accumulate verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
preaccumulate verb, infinitive
pre-accumulate verb, infinitive
preaccumulates verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-accumulates verb, pres(thr_sing)
preaccumulated verb, past
pre-accumulated verb, past
preaccumulated verb, past_part
pre-accumulated verb, past_part
prechew verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-chew verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
prechew verb, infinitive
pre-chew verb, infinitive
prechews verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-chews verb, pres(thr_sing)
prechewing verb, pres_part
pre-chewing verb, pres_part
prechewed verb, past
pre-chewed verb, past
prechewed verb, past_part
pre-chewed verb, past_part
precyclizing verb, pres_part
pre-cyclizing verb, pres_part
precyclize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-cyclize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
precyclize verb, infinitive
pre-cyclize verb, infinitive
precyclizes verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-cyclizes verb, pres(thr_sing)
precyclized verb, past
pre-cyclized verb, past
precyclized verb, past_part
pre-cyclized verb, past_part
precyclising verb, pres_part
pre-cyclising verb, pres_part
precyclise verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-cyclise verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
precyclise verb, infinitive
pre-cyclise verb, infinitive
precyclises verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-cyclises verb, pres(thr_sing)
precyclised verb, past
pre-cyclised verb, past
precyclised verb, past_part
pre-cyclised verb, past_part
predisengaging verb, pres_part
predisengage verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
predisengage verb, infinitive
predisengages verb, pres(thr_sing)
predisengaged verb, past
predisengaged verb, past_part
preinflaming verb, pres_part
pre-inflaming verb, pres_part
preinflame verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-inflame verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
preinflame verb, infinitive
pre-inflame verb, infinitive
preinflames verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-inflames verb, pres(thr_sing)
preinflamed verb, past
pre-inflamed verb, past
preinflamed verb, past_part
pre-inflamed verb, past_part
predissolving verb, pres_part
pre-dissolving verb, pres_part
predissolve verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-dissolve verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
predissolve verb, infinitive
pre-dissolve verb, infinitive
predissolves verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-dissolves verb, pres(thr_sing)
predissolved verb, past
pre-dissolved verb, past
predissolved verb, past_part
pre-dissolved verb, past_part
pregalactosylating verb, pres_part
pregalactosylate verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pregalactosylate verb, infinitive
pregalactosylates verb, pres(thr_sing)
pregalactosylated verb, past
pregalactosylated verb, past_part
prehyperpolarizing verb, pres_part
pre-hyperpolarizing verb, pres_part
prehyperpolarize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-hyperpolarize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
prehyperpolarize verb, infinitive
pre-hyperpolarize verb, infinitive
prehyperpolarizes verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-hyperpolarizes verb, pres(thr_sing)
prehyperpolarized verb, past
pre-hyperpolarized verb, past
prehyperpolarized verb, past_part
pre-hyperpolarized verb, past_part
prehyperpolarising verb, pres_part
pre-hyperpolarising verb, pres_part
prehyperpolarise verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-hyperpolarise verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
prehyperpolarise verb, infinitive
pre-hyperpolarise verb, infinitive
prehyperpolarises verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-hyperpolarises verb, pres(thr_sing)
prehyperpolarised verb, past
pre-hyperpolarised verb, past
prehyperpolarised verb, past_part
pre-hyperpolarised verb, past_part
preinfest verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
preinfest verb, infinitive
preinfests verb, pres(thr_sing)
preinfesting verb, pres_part
preinfested verb, past
preinfested verb, past_part
prekill verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-kill verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
prekill verb, infinitive
pre-kill verb, infinitive
prekills verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-kills verb, pres(thr_sing)
prekilling verb, pres_part
pre-killing verb, pres_part
prekilled verb, past
pre-killed verb, past
prekilled verb, past_part
pre-killed verb, past_part
prelyophilizing verb, pres_part
pre-lyophilizing verb, pres_part
prelyophilize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
pre-lyophilize verb, pres(fst_sing,fst_plur,thr_plur,second)
prelyophilize verb, infinitive
pre-lyophilize verb, infinitive
prelyophilizes verb, pres(thr_sing)
pre-lyophilizes verb, pres(thr_sing)
prelyophilized verb, past
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